Intensive Outpatient Treatment

for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Located near Atlanta, Georgia

We Accept All Major Insurance

Recovery From Addiction Is Possible. Let Us Help.

At the Twin Lakes Recovery Center, addiction is treated as a disease – and you are treated as an individual. The recovery process is a challenge, but at Twin Lakes, we provide the physical, emotional, and clinical support needed to help you reach and maintain sobriety. Our inpatient and outpatient facilities offer unparalleled addiction treatment options. Call (770) 282-1272 today and ask how we can guide on the road to recovery.

Our Approach To Addiction Recovery Is Comprehensive

We offer a full continuum of care, to help individuals maintain lifelong recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

Detox & Residential Treatment Services

We offer subacute detox services with medical monitoring for a safe and comfortable experience. Our Residential Treatment provides an opportunity to begin to learn to live life free from dependence on alcohol, drugs and other destructive behaviors.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program includes sessions at night, allowing you to continue to live your life going to work or school. Our Outpatient Program combines group as well as individual therapy to provide a solid foundation for recovery.

Multiple Locations in Georgia

Twin Lakes proudly serves the greater Atlanta area in three locations. Intensive Outpatient is offered in Gainesville and Athens, GA. Detox and Residential Treatment Services are provided in Monroe, GA. All locations are only an hour outside of Downtown Atlanta.

Individualized Treatment

We believe a “one size fits all” approach fails to meet the needs of many people. By recognizing each person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, we seek to find resolution to underlying problems and achieve better outcomes.

Twin Lakes Recovery Center

Gainesville IOP

204 West Academy St.
Gainesville, GA 30501

Athens IOP

723 Baxter St., Suite C
Athens, GA 30605

Gainesville IOP

204 West Academy Street
Gainesville, Georgia 30501
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Athens IOP

723 Baxter Street
Suite C
Athens, Georgia 30605
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